Control unit

Don’t sweat while heating the sauna, sweat while enjoying the sauna!

With a SAUNUM LEIL control unit, you can control the Saunum sauna’s electric heater with the climate device, easily and conveniently. Three pre-settable sauna types let you heat the sauna and enjoy your personal SPA with just a few taps of the screen. In addition, Saunum Leil is a self-learning solution that will optimise heating times according to your sauna data. This will improve your sauna experience and may reduce energy consumption. Your device must be connected to the Wi-Fi network for updates.

Relaxing sauna and SPA experience with just a few taps!

Saunum devices take saunas and the traditional leil (/’leil’/) – the Estonian term for pouring water onto hot stones to generate the steam – to a whole new level. Saunum Leil assists in heating up and controlling your sauna with just a few clicks. All you have to do is set when you want to enjoy the sauna and select the sauna type. Enter your heated sauna, turn on the sauna climate device, and experience a completely new level of sauna – ease of breathing, mild heat, and a particularly relaxing sauna experience.
With the Saunum Leil Mobile Set, you can control your sauna anytime and anywhere. You just need to pair the Saunum Leil application with a Leil Mobile Set that is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Sauna notifications are displayed on your mobile phone screen.

  • Saunum Leil is suitable for controlling all Saunum electrical heater-climate device sets;
  • Easy to use;
  • Optimized heating time and sauna experience;
  • Touch screen control panel;
  • Different languages available (English, German, Estonian, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Slovenian, Lithuanian);
  • Saunum Leil app for remote sauna control (available on AppStore and Google Play).

Three pre-settable sauna types

Try different settings and steam intensities, and add your favourites into your Leil control unit sauna types menu

    • CLASSIC NORDIC HOT STEAM SAUNA: temperature 60 °C‒100 °C. Keep the valve of the climate device open to 25%, climate device speed 1-3;
    • HUMID STEAM-RICH SAUNA: temperature 45 °C‒60 °C. Keep the valve of the climate device open to 100%, climate device speed 2-3. The lower the temperature is, the more open the valve, the higher the speed of the climate device, and the more steam is generated while throwing water on the heater;
    • MILD SANARIUM: temperature 40 °C‒55 °C. For a mild steam in your sanarium, keep the valve of the climate device open to at least 25%, climate device speed 1-2;
    • SAUNA ENRICHED WITH SALT IONS: the salt balls placed into the special sockets of the heater will function at any temperature if the climate device is switched on. Keep the valve of the climate device open to at least 25%, climate device speed 1-3;
    • AROMA SAUNA: temperature 40 °C‒90 °C. Keep the valve of the climate device open to at least 25%, climate device speed 1-3. Add some Saunum sauna oil to the aroma system of the sauna climate device and enjoy!

Technical properties

Temperature selection 40 °C ‒ 100 °C
Working time of the heater adjustable up to 12 hours
Climate control device 3 speeds NB! Only use the climate device when you are in the steam room
Pre-setting the sauna 3 pre-set sauna types (temperature, duration, climate device speed)
Sauna scheduling choose the day, time, and sauna type
Notifications the sauna is ready, the status of the heater, the door is open, overheating protection applied
Languages the menu offers a variety of languages
Safety screen lock, door sensor and overheating protection
Dimensions, touch panel 83 mm x 104 mm x 19.3 mm
Dimensions, power unit 225 mm x 160 mm x 61 mm
Supply voltage 230 V 3 N ~
Installation & User Manual
Information about product
Saunum Leil wiring diagram